Computer|Parts of Computers | Different Parts of Computers

Parts of computers

A human body is made up of different parts. Each part does a special work. Similarly, a computer is made up of different parts. These parts perform different functions. All these parts together make a computer work.

Main Parts of Computers

A computer has four main parts – monitor, keyboard, mouse and CPU. The monitor, keyboard and mouse are attached to the CPU by wires to makes them work.


  • The monitor looks like a TV screen.
  • It is also know as VDU (Visual Display Unit).
  • It shows the text which we types through the keyboard and also show the result.
  • We can see movies and cartoons on a monitor.


  • A keyboard has many buttons which are called keys.
  • It is used to types letters, numbers and words on a computer.
  • The keys with English letters are called alphabet keys. The keys with numbers are called number keys.


  • A computer mouse has two or three buttons.
  • It is used to point, move and select an item on the computer screen or monitor.
  • It is always kept on a mouse pad.
  • It also helps us to draw pictures and play games.


  • CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.
  • It helps the computer to think and does all the calculations. So, it is know as the brain of a computer.
  • The CPU is always kept inside a box. This box is known as the CPU box.
  • It has three parts -ALU ( Arithmetic & Logic Unit), CU ( Control Unit )
    and MU ( Memory Unit ).

Other parts of a Computer

A computer has some other additional parts attached to it. Let’s learn about some of them.


  • UPS stands for Uninterrupted Power supply.
  • It keeps the computer ON for some time even after electricity goes off.
  • It gives ua time to finish and save our work on a computer.


  • A printer is used to take a copy of the information stored in your computer on a sheet of paper.
  • The printed copy on paper is called printout or hard copy.
  • Printers can be black and white or coloured.
  • You can print words, pictures, etc. With help of the printer.


A scanner is used to copy text and pictures from paper to the computer.


Speakers allow us to listen to music and hear sound effects stored in a computer.


The microphone is used to record our voice and different sounds into the computer.


Headphones are used to listen to music as well as recorded sound without disturbing others. Only the person who is wearing the headphones can hear the sound.


  • CD stands for Compact Disc.
  • It is round in shape and can store a lot of information.


  • DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc.
  • It is also round in shape and can store a huge amount of data.
  • It store more information than a CD.

Pen Drive

  • Pen drive is also know as Flash Drive.
  • It helps you to store data and carry the data with you.
  • It stores more data than the CD and the DVD.
  • It is easy to use and small enough to carry in your pocket