My Parents Essay | Short Paragraph On My Parents


My Parents Essay


Short Paragraph On My Parents

I love my parents. They take the place of God for me. My father and mother are my parents.

They are very kind to me and love me dearly. They give everything to me just out of love.

My mother wakes me up in the morning . She gets me ready for the school. She prepares food for us. She looks after the whole family. Neha is my younger sister. My mother looks after her all the time.

In the night my mother tells us the stroies from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

My mother is very sweet and loving. I love her very much.

My Father is a doctor. He goes out to work everyday. He works hard from morning till evening. He earns money to buy me books toys , food and clothes.

He sends me to school and pays my fees. He does a lot of hard work for the family.

I greet him and offer him a glass of water he returns home. I try to help him so that he may relax and feel easy.

I love my parents very much. I obey them. I ask forgiveness wherever. I am wrong. I am proud of my parents.

My mother tells me , “Get up early in the morning. Take a bath everyday band go the school on time . Love your neighbours. Respect your teachers . Never quarrel with your classmates.

My daddy tells me ,”Always help others. Be polite to all. Do your homework daily. Hard work is the only key to success.